Friday, January 13, 2012

Open Adoption BLOGGERS

In my last post I mentioned a blog I follow (somewhat regularly), Production, Not Reproduction.  The author Heather Schade is VERY active in the adoption blogger community and many moons ago created Open Adoption Bloggers "a network of writers from all sides of adoption".  Heather is also responsible for the Adoption Bloggers Interview Project that I mentioned in my post Obnoxious Adoption Questions  back in November.  Currently I have been obsessively reading the 2011 Best of Open Adoption Blogs (mentioned in my last post) which is another of her many projects.

I have been thinking about joining Open Adoption Bloggers for sometime and finally did today.  Although we are not sure how open our adoption will be, we are both hoping that our birth family will want at least some contact after the baby is born.  We did create an openness agreement but really it just says I would create a private blog so the birth family could see updates of the baby and that Nic and I want to participate in a fully open adoption if they want to as well.  How open the relationship actually is has totally been left in their hands.  So me joining the Open Adoption Bloggers is kind of a leap of faith but I figure positive thinking can't hurt.

I don't plan on changing my writing much because of joining.  I may try a bit harder to keep information non-identifying but next to that it will be my usual ramble.  It's not like I don't have enough to do (my year end is precariously hanging over my head) but I feel like I have learned a ton from the people who are currently a part of this group and would like to give back if I can.