Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's A Girl (we think)

Nic and I have had a busy and exciting week.  We went to Newmarket on Tuesday for our birth mother's ultrasound.  We got to see the baby and found out it is a girl.  At least the ultrasound tech thought so.  The baby is so big at this point in the game that there is not allot of room to actually see the sex.  As far as she could tell she thought it was a girl and she said the heart rate also made her think that.  We are both pretty excited to know the sex.  It is nice to have one less unknown.  I am still not going to go out and buy pink everything.  I am pretty much done my pre-baby shopping.  Everything I have is gender neutral and I think that is okay for the moment.  I may go out and get a couple little girl sleepers but that is it.

After the ultrasound we left from Newmarket to go on a mini vacation in Niagara Falls.  I didn't feel comfortable leaving the country with our birth mother's due date so close so it had to be Ni-Vegas instead of palm trees and warm sand between my toes.  We had a wonderful time as always.  We were both so tired we did not do a whole lot but it was nice to have a couple days to ourselves.  We got home last night, a few dollars lighter after some time in the casino.  Gamblers we are not!

When we were in Niagara I also heard from our adoption practitioner.  She had to make a slight change on one page of the information she sent to the ministry.  We had to sign it and send it back to her.  She said that one page was all they needed to grant approval for our match.  So hopefully we will get that on Monday.  It will be great to have approval before the baby is born.  That means that as long as everything goes well at the hospital there will be no reason why we can't take the baby home as soon as she is released.  That is really what the birth family wanted (no transition through foster care).  We were also hoping to be able to take the baby home so it is great that our hard work paid off and we should be granted approval early.

So I guess the waiting game truly begins now. We have everything ready we might need for the baby and our hospital bags packed. Our birth mother will see her OB on Friday's until the baby is born. Nic and I will go up for the 20th appointment since that is when the OB will have the results of the ultrasound. I have no idea why it takes that long but I guess it does. The tech thought everything looked really good, but it will be nice to hear it from the OB as well.

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