Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today Nic and I accompanied our birth family to their third OBGYN appointment.  It was great to meet the doctor and nurses who work in the office.  They were all really nice and we liked them allot.  I understood right away why our birth mother likes the doctor so much.  He was really friendly and super enthusiastic about meeting us.  Nic had waited in the waiting room and he even went out there and introduced himself to Nic.

The appointment overall went well.  She gained a bit of weight which we were hoping for.  The doctor still thinks the baby is a little bit small.  He said it has been consistently small so he is no overly worried but still would like to do an ultrasound. We scheduled an ultrasound for Tuesday and Nic and I will head back up for that appointment.  The next day they will see the OB again and he will give his impressions.  We unfortunately can't be at that meeting but they will call and let us know how it went.

Overall we had a great day with the birth family.  It is always nice to see them and catch up.  It will be nice to see them again next week.  The birth mother will have weekly OB appointments from now on.  I might continue to go up for them just to see everyone and get a feel for how things are going.  Nic is not sure if he will go or not.  He is definitely going to the ultrasound but he is not sure about going to the OB weekly after that.  I think the OB office made him a bit nervous.  He really did not want to go into the exam room and was noticeably relieved when I told him he didn't have to.  I think the birth grandmother was a bit disappointed because she wanted him to hear the heartbeat.  Luckily I had my blackberry and recorded the heartbeat so I could let him listen later.  He wants to know about how the baby is doing but not have to be physically in the room.  I completely understand!  It would be different if it was me whipping out my naked belly.

So overall everything is progressing nicely and we are slowly getting closer to the birth mom's due date on January 30th.  I have no doubt it will be here before we know it.  For some reason I keep thinking she will go a bit late but I guess you never really know.  We are excited to possibly find out the sex next week. :)

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