Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby Preparation

My goal on Saturday morning was to drive to Kingston and get ALL of my Christmas shopping completed.  I am happy to say I accomplished my goal and picked up some things for the baby on my travels.

The two rows of undershirts and sleepers on the left I got at Value Village.  I love that place!  The sleepers are basically brand new and cost a fraction of the cost of buying new.  I had gone to the Belleville Value Village earlier in the week but Kingston had way more variety.  I also got a couple baby books from their as well.  They are a little bit older but I figure most of the information will still apply.

I had to take pictures of three of the four sleepers I did give in and buy new.  They are just so cute!!! I know I still need to buy a ton more stuff but I am happy to have a good start before Christmas.  I still have to wash it all and put it away. 

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the offers of lending everything baby and more! With everything happening so soon and so close to Christmas I really appreciate all the help.  I even had an amazing list emailed to me with everything I would need, including diaper and formula recommendations.  What would I do without you guys!! To quote Nic's grandparents "I am blessed" to have so many amazing people looking out for me!

As for adoption related things to do, we are waiting for our practitioner and licensee to get their paperwork together so we can meet with our practitioner in our home and get everything signed off.  We are also waiting for the birth family to finish up their social history which I know they were going to try to do early this week.  Our birth mother has an OB appointment today which we are excited to hear about.

As much as I would love to have Josie come this week to get the paperwork done it is also a mad house around here with the final full week of work in swing and preparations for the Christmas party on Saturday.  As of Thursday I am pretty much going to have a full house until Sunday so it may have to wait until early next week.  We will see what she says and how quickly the paperwork gets done.  I will keep you all posted.

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