Monday, December 26, 2011

Ministry Paper Work Done!

Happy Boxing Day to everyone! Nic and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas.  We had a wonderful time filled with friends and family.  We still have a few more get togethers that we are looking forward to.

We just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know our paper work was submitted to the Ministry of Child and Youth Services just before Christmas (23rd) for approval.  Basically the paper work includes all of the birth families information (social and medical histories), our information (homestudy, home inspection), and a write up from every professional involved (licensee, practitioner, counsellor, and hospital social worker) about their feelings on the match.  We also had to sign a few things saying we were okay with the lack of information from the birth father (medical history). 

We are excited to have everything in to the ministry . This essentially means we have no more paper work to worry about until after the baby is born.  YAY!  More than likely we will receive approval from the ministry prior to the baby being born but it may take a few weeks.  They put priority on cases where the baby is already born.  If our birth mother were to go into labour they would speed along the process.

We are going to see the birth family on Wednesday.  It will be nice to see them since it has been a couple weeks.  We have been keeping in touch via email and text, but it is not the same as face to face.

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