Thursday, December 15, 2011

Home Inspection

Josie (our adoption practitioner) came by this morning to have a little meeting with us and check out the house.  Really it was just to make sure that nothing had changed since her last visit in May.  For our ministry approval she had to have been in our home within the last six months.  We were just over that so she needed to make another visit. 

Again we discussed the couple things that we are non-compliant on and how, when the time comes, we will fix the issues.  She agreed there was no reason to put drawer locks on all our kitchen cabinets for a newborn.  We will have to do it when he/she starts to crawl but until then we are okay.

We also discussed her follow up visits once the baby is born.  She has to come see us when the baby is around 7 days old then three more times within the year, just to see how we are doing and if we have any questions.  She documents the visits and then her write up will be submitted when we got to finalize the adoption, when the baby is about a year old. 

The birth family is meeting with their counsellor today to finalize the social and medical history and get their paper work wrapped up.  If all goes well we should have everything ready to be submitted to the ministry for approval by mid-next week, which is great.  It should only take them about a week to approve the paper work and our placement.  Our birth mother is not due until the end of January so we should have lots of time.

Nic and I are planning on going up to visit with the birth family again after Christmas.  The birth mom has a OB appointment on the 28th so we may go that day so I can ask the OB any questions I have.  It will be nice to see them again. 

Next to adoption stuff we are wrapping up our season and getting ready for the Christmas party on Saturday.  I hope everyone is coming so we can celebrate the holidays. 

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