Monday, January 23, 2012

39 Weeks and Counting

Today we are exactly one week from our birth mother's due date.  We had a wonderful visit with them on Friday and the OB appointment went really well.  Her blood pressure is perfect and the baby's heartbeat is strong.  I could not believe how much clearer and louder it was from when I heard it a month ago.  The OB thinks that the baby is right around 7lbs which he says is really the perfect size.  He is actually hoping that she does not get a whole lot bigger.  As far as when she is going to make her appearance it is still up in the air.  He said that it looks like everything is moving in the right direction (she has dropped and is 1cm dilated) but in all reality she could have the baby tomorrow or in two weeks.  She needs to be 3cm dilated before active labour can start.

I thought that he was not going to see her next week because he is on vacation.  It turns out he is opening the office on Wednesday so she has an appointment that afternoon.  I am going to call the birth family today to see how their weekend was and check in.  Nic and I are going to go up for the appointment on Wednesday.  The OB thinks she is pretty much on schedule for the end of the month but we still want to go to see how everyone is doing.

Next to that not much "baby" is happening.  We did make a detour to Burlington on our way home from Newmarket on Friday to see my cousin and her family.  When her daughter was born 10 years ago my Dad gave her the change table that our Grandfather had made for me when I was born.  Since her family no longer needs it she offered it back to me.  Nic and I were so touched that she would part with it and think it is amazing that our baby will use the same change table that my brothers and sister, my cousin's children and I used.  We put it in the spare room today.  We still are not sure about when we are going to put the nursery together but I didn't want to store it in the garage with the ever changing temperatures lately.

I still feel like we are at least a week or 10 days away from the baby arriving but hopefully the OB will be able to give us a bit more information on Wednesday.  I'll keep you posted.

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