Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obnoxious Adoption Questions

This morning I was spending a few minutes enjoying my tea and surfing the internet.  I had a hard work day yesterday and did not sleep well thanks to it.  Well ... and partially because I stayed up too late talking with Nic and watching Swamp People.  Don't ask me why we love that show so much but we do.  Anyway, for all these reasons it was hard to get my head in the game this morning.  During my surfing I found this blog written by a women who adopted newborn twins from Ethiopia in 2009. Her post today talked about the Adoption  Bloggers Interview Project where a number of people who blog about adoption are paired up and interview each other.  The project sparked my interest so I read a few of the interviews.  To be honest I could have read them all day but put a stop to it at 20 minutes since I have a ton going on today and wanted to write this post. 

During my reading I came across this post by Allison.  Allison's interviewer Lori describes her as "a writer and photographer who also enjoys speaking about infertility, parenting, and her Christian testimony".  The title of Allison's post is Fake Kids: Real Moms and she says it "addresses those questions all adoptive moms hate". 

I talked a bit about positive adoption language when we did our PRIDE training in the spring.  The questions asked in Allison's post are usually asked innocently, by people who do not know any better.  I am attempting to make sure our family and friends do know better so that when we eventually bring a child into our home the people close to them will be sensitive to their little ears and our hearts.  If you guys are educated then maybe you will pass this knowledge along as well.  Adoption is becoming more and more progressive in our culture but there are many people who are still insensitive to the feelings of the children and adults involved. 

If you have a chance please read Allison's post.  It really hit home for me.

Thanks :)

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