Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Go

The potential situation with the SK birth mother has come to an end, as we thought it might.  We did have some hope when the birth mother contacted Cheryl, the lawyer in Toronto, for some further information.  After she thought about it she decided she did not want to fight the birth father to have the adoption go through.  We completely understand her situation and why she would not want to proceed.  We do feel badly for her and her situation but there is really nothing we can do to help.  She appeared to be a lovely girl in a bad situation.  Hopefully things will change in her life for the better.

We have not heard anything back from the second birth mother who contact us. Our practitioner is aware of that situation as well and said for us to let her know if we hear anything else.  She has a contact in the birth mothers area that could do some precounselling if needed.

Yesterday I called Jennie Painters office and booked our intake session for December 2nd.  That will give me a couple weeks to find time to do the two page profile they require and get all the information together.  We really liked Jennie so are looking forward to meeting with her.

Last week was a crazy one and although this opportunity did not end the way we hoped we are happy to have been contacted.  Our profile has only been on Canada Adopts for one month.  Many people go years without getting contacted at all.  Hopefully this is just a sign that we have done a good job with our profile and that we appeal to young mothers. 

The waiting continues...

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