Sunday, February 5, 2012

She's Here

We welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world at 2:30am on Friday February 3rd. 

We had been in Newmarket Thursday to go to an OB appointment.  He said things were moving along and she could have the baby anytime but we did not think he meant it literally.  Our birth Mom was feeling great and we all went out for a big lunch after the appointment.  We thought we would be having a baby Saturday/Sunday because they were going to start her induction Saturday morning.  All seemed well so we hit the highway to go home.  We were planning on getting everything in order and heading back very early Saturday morning for the induction.

We were home for an hour when the birth grandmother called and said that our birth mother was having contractions.  We did some back and forth over the next hour calling each other every 15 minutes.  At 8pm Nic and I finally decided to hit the road.  We made it to the hospital at 10pm and the baby was born in no time.

I could write forever about our amazing hospital experience, our bonding with our birth family, how wonderful our birth mother did and how great it feels to finally be parents.  Unfortunately I don't have the time at this moment.  We have lots of visitors and are trying to keep up on laundry in between.  Hopefully I will find some time in the next day or so to write a bit more.

What I can say is I feel like we are extremely lucky to have such an amazing birth family and to have built our own little family with them.  Nic and I are missing them although we are still talking on the phone and via text.  Our new baby (who we named Gabriella) is certainly helping to distract us.  She is the most beautiful baby in the world.  I know we are a bit bias :).

More later...

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