Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Love Fest

Gaby is on her fifth day in this world and Nic and I are loving being parents.  We have had a steady stream of visitors which has been wonderful.  Nic is happy to be able to show off our little girl.  So much so that this morning when I was talking with Gaby while I fed her he jumped our of bed and ran into the living room thinking that he was missing a guest.  He was obviously half asleep since we don't usually have visitors at 5am.  So Funny...

We took her into the doctor yesterday and he said she was doing really well.  She has lost a bit of weight and is down to 6lbs 14oz but he said that was normal.  All of her measurements are pretty much right on average which he said was perfect.  She is eatting well and producing full diapers all the time which he was happy about.  She is shedding lots of skin which is also normal.  We are working to keep lots of cream on her which seems to be helping.

Overall Nic and I are in baby heaven.  I joked with my Mom yesterday that when people open the door to our house hearts must escape out. When we are alone with her we just stare at her and talk about how amazing she is and how much we love her and each other. There have been buckets of happy tears shed.  I know I have had my fair share of cries but I am not alone.  It seems it is hard to go a day without someone crying.  It is a real love fest.

I have found that the topic that makes me most emotional is our birth family.  Our birth mother did absolutely amazing during labour and delivery.  She was in labour for seven and a half hours and pushed for only 36 minutes before Gaby was born. After her birth we all spent some time together in the birthing room.  It was an experience I will never forget.  During our little over 24 hours in the hospital we were back and forth to each others rooms visiting and enjoying the baby.  Although our birth mother did not want to hold the baby she was still very involved with her.  The entire birth family was there for her first bath and she often sat with me while I fed her or changed her.  Her Mom and Step Dad both held her a bunch which was nice.

I am so happy that we made that choice not to invite any of our family to the hospital.  They are having lots of time to visit with the baby now.  Our time with the birth family really was precious and I felt strengthened our already close relationship.  They really have become another branch of our family.  Our adoption professionals kept saying how amazing it was.  In our openness agreement we agreed that they would initiate contact after the babies birth and Nic and I would not to give them some space.  I think I broke that rule within 6 hours.  We had already visited twice and I texted to see if we were going to have lunch together.  So much for that.  Since we got home we have been texting frequently and talking on the phone ever evening.  I have already posted two entries to our blog so they can see how she is doing. 

We are currently planning on not getting together until after the 21 day waiting period which will start on Valentines Day when they get together with the children's lawyer to finalize the adoption paperwork.  I have a feeling we will probably get together before that but no matter what they are coming for a visit after the waiting period. We are really excited to have them here and to show them the area we live. 

Overall we have had the most amazing adoption experience so far.  There is absolutely nothing I would change.  We are head over heals in love with with our little one and enjoying every minute with her.  Even the minutes spent up in the middle of the night :)

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