Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our New Four Legged, Fuzzy Addition

Nic and I have added a new addition to our family.  She is big, black and beautiful.  After almost 10 years without a horse I decided it was time to get back into it.  Well actually that is a bit of a lie.  I was conned into it.  Suzie came across this horse who was originally found at a rescue shelter.  She has a bit of a shady past but Suz thought she might be good for me.  She had to persuade me a bit to go see her, but once I laid eyes on her I knew she was coming home with me. 

At first I was a bit worried about how Nic would react.  In the end I think he was so happy she was not another dog and would not be living at our house, he said it was okay.  I would not say he was thrilled about it but he has been out a few times to help out and visit with her.  She has happily settled in with Suzie's heard and I think is warming up to us.  She walked right over to me on Monday when she saw me coming which I thought was a good sign.  Nic thinks it is because I have been feeding her so many carrots and he may be right, but I will take what I can get.

With the crappy weather I have yet to ride her yet.  I am really enjoying working with her on the ground and getting to know her.  Maybe I will get on her this weekend if it ever stops raining.

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