Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AdoptOntario Site is Working!

Our practitioner Josie called me on Monday to see how the ARE went.  I told her about the two little girls and how we had decided not to pursue them at this time.  She said that she was going to Toronto on Tuesday for a follow up meeting with all the adoption professionals and would maybe talk to their worker in case there was any information we did not get.  In case we decided we wanted to look further into it later. 

She also said she was meeting with a friend of hers that is a nurse in one of the Toronto hospitals.  She wanted our permission to talk to her about us and give her some of our information.  I of course said yes and told her I would run over to her house that day and drop off some profiles so she had some on hand. 

The last thing she said was that she had received a child match for us from the AdoptOntario website.  I can't remember how much I have or have not said about this site before.  AdoptOntario does allot of things in the adoption world.  The are the ones who put on the first information session Nic and went to last winter.  They have also been developing a child data bank to be used by both adoption professionals and prospective adoptive parents.  You or your practitioner / worker inputs all of your information into the system and according to your criteria it will match you with children.  The system is mainly used for children who are harder to place.  It is also a bit limited because it will not let you input allot about what you will accept in a child.  Because of this you are sometime matched with children who have more physical problems that you have allowed for in your homestudy. 

Josie had a feeling that this little guy probably had more wrong with him than the information she had been given.  She was going to talk with his social worker directly at her meeting yesterday and give me a call today or tomorrow with some more information.  So I am looking forward to hearing from her about that.  She said it was really great that the system was picking us up and cosidering us for potential matches.

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