Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Napanee Adoption Resource Exchange (ARE)

This past Saturday Nic and I drove to Napanee for a mini Adoption Resource Exchange.  If you remember we went to a larger one in Toronto in April where all of the Ontario CAS organizations were profiling children.  On Saturday it was just the Napanee local organizations (Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, County of Prince Edward, Hastings, Northumberland and Kawartha and Lanark, Leeds and Grenville).  The next Toronto ARE is coming up on October 16th. 

An ARE is where CAS organizations present children who are available for adoption through information as well as videos.  On Saturday they were focusing on children over 6 and sibling groups.  There were 8 individual children profiled and 1 sibling group of 3 children.  There were also an additional 6 children not video profiled who were under 6 including a sibling group of two girls ages 1 1/2 and 3 1/2. 

The main reason we went to this was because we were hoping to talk with some of the workers from local CAS organizations, to at least shake some hands and introduce ourselves.  Because we can only apply to the local CAS (Picton) it is good to meet some of the other agencies workers because it may help them remember us.  Unfortunately there was such a good turn out it was very difficult to speak with anyone.  The place was packed! I would guess there was at least 50-60 people there.  Our practitioner told us she had 7 couples go. 

Overall it was a good experience and we were glad we went.  We did not get to do the networking we wanted to but there is always Toronto in two weeks.  I made a bunch of handouts with mini profiles of us to give to the workers as well.  We are also hoping to see a video of the two younger girls we saw profiled in Napanee. Our CAS worker is looking into if they will be profiled.

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