Friday, October 21, 2011

More News...

I feel like we have something adoption related happening every day lately.  I am going to try my best to make regular entries so I don't forget anything.

I talked to our practitioner yesterday.  She said that her meeting in Toronto on Tuesday went well.  She said she was talking to Cheryl Appell when she was there.  She had given her one of our profiles and wanted permission to send her our homestudy.  This is really amazing because Cheryl was recommended to us by our PRIDE trainer.  She is a lawyer/licensee and facilitates allot of newborn adoptions.  I have had no luck getting her to return my phone calls or emails so it is great that Josie knows her and could get us in.  I was super excited and very pleased.

I asked Josie also about the child we were matched with on the AdoptOntario site.  She said the worker was not at the meeting so she did not get a chance to get more information on him.  She said from reading the small amount of info she has she does not think it will be a good match.  From what she told me I went on the site myself and have a good idea which little guy it is.  I also think it might not be the right match.  She is going to request a full history just to make sure.

This week I also spoke with a lady named Sherri from  The Morgentaler Clinic in Toronto.  Morgentaler is an abortion clinic and Sherri is one of the counsellors there.  It is part of their program to present other options to the girls so she keeps some adoption profiles on hand.  Our PRIDE trainer had given me her name but I did not want to call her until we had time to go to Toronto.  I was not sure if she would want to meet with us or not.  We had a nice chat and it turns out I just need to mail her our profile with a few details.  So that will go out in the mail today.  Whenever I have some spare time I may try to find a few more abortion clinics nearby and see if they will also consider keeping our profile on hand.

I think that is it for now.  Coming up we have the Jennie Painter seminar on November 5th.  Her agency is in Kingston and she only takes couples who will agree to fully open adoptions.  You have to take her course first to get on her waiting list.  We have been enrolled for months so it is exciting that it is getting so close.  I am sure once we are done the course we will just be put on a huge waiting list.  Not much we can do about that.  We are getting accustomed to the fact that waiting is a huge part of adoption.

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  1. Dear Alexia,

    My name is Julie - my husband and I have been talking about adoption for a long, long time - and last Friday as I was commuting for 6 hours back to Toronto, I tumbled on your websites... Thanks to a search I made ... On some practitioner... With I can't remembers now who it was!

    My 6 hours commute went by so quickly! I read your entire blog.

    When I arrived as met my husband... I know the path to go... Through your story, I was more then ready to pave the way.. So I emailed Jennie and we are scheduled for her may 5th workshop and we also secured the last spot for the PRIDE training in Toronoto end of may with Sofie.

    I just wanted to thank you for opening up your adoption journey to everyone!
    We also hope for an open adoption..... And cross our fingers that it will be as open and real as yours.

    Warm regards and enjoy your precious Gaby!