Monday, March 12, 2012

Gaby Update

Things in the Conley household have been very busy!  Princess Gaby has had tons of visitors.  It has been nice to see everyone and have so many enjoyable visits.  I do feel a bit like my house has a revolving door but that's okay.  Nic and I are enjoying showing off our beautiful baby.

The waiting period was over on Tuesday and we had a bit of a party to celebrate on Wednesday night.  Nic and I did not worry about the waiting period at all but we could tell our parents did and that they were relieved when it was over.  For us it was just nice to have one more thing done and Gaby closer to being ours officially.

She had a doctors appointment on Thursday.  He said she is still perfect and growing just like she should be.  She is now 9lbs 7 oz and almost 23 inches long.  He said she is middle of the road for weight and at the higher end for length.  We have really noticed that she is getting longer.  I had her in our chest carrier the other day and her feet and part of her legs were out of the bottom where when she first came home her feet barely poked out.

Her birth family came here for a visit yesterday.  We had an amazing day and a ton of fun.  We got to spend a few hours with them alone before our families arrived.  Gaby's birth grandmother really wanted to meet them. I knew it would be a bit crazy and it was.  Everyone hit it off right away and there was tons of talking and laughing.  Sometimes so much that I felt like my ears were ringing.

I loved seeing Gaby's birth mother and kept hugging her.  She looks amazing! You would never know she had a baby.  Her and her sister really enjoyed playing with the dogs and being in our home.  You could tell they were both comfortable which made me feel great. 

We waited for this visit until after the waiting period but all agreed it was too long. Nic and I are going to try to go to Newmarket to have lunch for our next visit.  We all missed each other and don't want to wait over a month to see each other next.

Both Nic and I feel very lucky to have been chosen by our birth family.  We truly do have a special connection that I feel is not the norm in most adoptions.  We really are a family and I am so happy that Gaby will get to experience the kind of love we share as she grows.  Everyone keeps saying there is no limit to the amount of love a little girl can have.  I am so glad that is true because our little girl is loved by so many people it is amazing.  We are so lucky to have her and are enjoying every minute.

I am hoping to start getting back on schedule sometime soon.  This week with it being March break we have visitors pretty much all week.  Hopefully next week things will get a bit more back to normal.  I won't hold my breath.

xo xo xo

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