Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It Feels Like Spring Is Here!

Turtles out and about in Ron and Suzie's pond

Pianese and tulips coming up in the garden

Poppies, Irises, Lillies and others all sprouting

The above signs of spring have been showing up everywhere.  The pair of ducks have returned to our creek, lilac trees are budding, the grass is turning green and the dogs are all frisky.  We have still had some chilly days but overall it has been sunny and beautiful.  It has been nice to not have to really bundle Gaby to take her outside and to be able to use the stroller so much.  She really enjoys going for walks.  I am loving it as well although my leg muscles are a bit sore after being out of use for so long. 

I took Gaby to baby group yesterday and she weighed in at 11 lbs! I still can't believe she weighs that much.  She will be two months next week and the practical nurse thought she was looking great.  She continues to be really long which I am sure contributes to her weight gain as well.  She is smiling lots now and blowing bubbles.  Nic and I would like to think we are special and that she only smiles at us but since she also smiles at the dogs, pictures on the wall and light fixtures we know we are not.  She does recognize both our voices and will follow us when we move around a room.  She loves her baths and would spend hours floating around.  She is awake most of the day now which makes it a bit difficult to get anything done but she is sleeping well at night so I can not complain.  On Monday night she slept from 9:30 pm until 5:00 am.  It was great!

Nic and I are still adjusting to being parents.  We both wish we could be spending every moment of every day with Gaby but unfortunately work is getting busy and we have to dedicate some of our time to that.  I know Nic is missing her during the day but pops in a number of times to say hello and give her a kiss or cuddle with her for a bit over his lunch.  Thankfully my sister has been helping me out a bit so I can get all of my spring work duties done without feeling guilty about leaving Gaby.  She hangs out with her around here so I don't miss anything.

We are still in constant contact with Gaby's birth family.  Things are starting to go back to normal for them.  Her birth Mom had her check up with the OB and he thought everything was looking good.  She still has about 10 lbs of baby weight to loose but you would never know looking at her.  I think she looks wonderful.  She is enjoying being back at school and doing all the things teenagers love to do.  Nic and I miss seeing them weekly but are handling it by talking on the phone every couple of days.  We are still hoping to see them sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully we can make it happen.

I find myself worrying about Gaby's birth Mom more than I probably should.  Nic keeps telling me her life is not my business but I just can't help it.  She is a wonderful young lady and I just want things to go well for her.  We still text but I wish I talked with her more.  She is just so quiet it is hard to talk with her on the phone.  I do talk with her Mom lots but it just is not the same. 

As far as the adoption process goes we are just waiting for time to pass.  We were hoping to do some travelling this summer but will need Gaby's temporary passport to do that.  So I am working on a timeline for that with our licensee.  I was under the impression we would have it soon but now she is saying it might be longer than I thought.  We are also due for another check up visit with our practitioner.  I have not heard from her but imagine she will be checking in shortly.

Overall things are going well and we are having a blast watching Gaby grow and change.

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