Monday, May 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Our home inspection was finally completed on Sunday.  Our practitioner called on Saturday afternoon to see if we were available the next day.  It made for a bit of a time crunch, but we both wanted to get it done.

Overall I think it went well.  She was only here for an hour, which I was a bit surprised about.  She toured the house, but did not necessarily "inspect" anything, like I thought she would. 

She had given me a list of all the requirements.  The way the form was laid out, I assumed that she had given it to me for reference.  Then when she came for the inspection, she would go through the list and check each requirement to make sure it was completed.  Not so much.... She had me fill it out... She did go over each element that I had checked in the "will comply" column. There were three things.  The rest we either had done, or were not applicable. 

She had brought another questionnaire for us both.  She asked us the questions separately, so I assume, we would answer honestly.  Some of the questions involved spousal abuse, which makes me understand why she would ask us separately. 

She also took a look around outside.  Mainly at the creek, and inside our one garage.  We then had a tea, and about a ten minute discussion, and she left.  Overall she seemed pleased with our place.  She said she really liked the colours I had chosen, and the style.  She also said that we had lots of room for kids.  So I guess that is a good thing.

She mentioned that she did not have our OPP clearances.  It turns out I was supposed to pick them up, which the officer at the detachment did not tell me.  I called this morning and they are both ready.  We will try to pick them up this week. We each have to get in to get our own.  I am going to go tomorrow, hopefully Nic will be able to squeeze it in somewhere.

Friday is our first day of PRIDE training.  I am excited to get it started, and meet other couples going through the same process we are.  I am going to touch base with our practitioner after the sessions and let her know how it went.  I am hoping to get a bit more information out of her then, as to what we still have left to do.

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