Monday, March 28, 2011

Is Organization a Crime?

There has been lots going on at our house in preparation for our home inspection.  There were some child safety issues we were non-compliant with and we also had to construct our fire escape plan.  Because we live in a bungalow the escape plan was not difficult to figure out.  But the house drawing showing all of our fire exits was a bit time consuming.  We did not feel too pressured to have every child safety element completed.  They will conduct another home inspection prior to a child being placed with us.  Since this could take years, we know we have lots of time to get everything done.  But we did do most of it since our busy season is coming up and we had a bit of time now.

The home inspection was scheduled to take place this past Thursday. Unfortunately this did not happen.  Our practitioner called Thursday morning and said she was not coming.  To say I am disappointed with the way she handled the situation would be an understatement.  She gave a number of reasons why she could not come.  She said she wanted to review our questionnaire's before hand so we could discuss them after the inspection.  She also thought I would pressure her about getting the results of the inspection immediately after she had visited us, and she would not have time to complete them right away.  She kept saying that I had been putting pressure on her and that she needed more time.

This was all a bit confusing for me for a number of reasons.   Nic and I had discussed with her at our initial meeting that our busy season started the beginning of April and we would love to have as much done as we could before then.  Since that first appointment we had not discussed it further.  We have been doing what she has asked of us, and I thought going at the pace she set.  She suggested the time frame for the home inspection, not me, and she called me at 7pm on Wednesday to confirm the time for the next day.  We had completed the questionnaires over a week before and she had not mentioned that she wanted them before hand.  Also, our PRIDE training is schedule for the first and second weekend in May.  Once it is completed the trainers from that course have to write up an evaluation of us.  I assumed we would (at the earliest) have their write up the end of May.  This would give her two months to do her part of things pertaining to our home inspection.

I realize now that she was not ready to come on Thursday.  Instead of just saying that, she put it on me.  I know that I would have been disappointed no matter what, that she was not coming.  We had worked for weeks getting the house ready.  Unfortunately the way she handled it did upset me, making me feel that I had done something terribly wrong. 

A friend reminded me that I am a "doer".  When someone gives me a task, I do it.  I am organized and I like to have all my ducks in a row.  I should not have to apologize for it, personality clashes happen. This of course is easier said than done.

We left it that I would put all of the information I had together (my medical, our financial information, the dogs vaccinations, the questionnaires, our well report, copies of our driver's licenses, and my list of local mother's support groups) in the mail to her.  She could go over it at her leisure and contact me when she had some time, and was ready to do the home inspection.  I also apologized for making her feel pressured, it was not intentional.  This process is the most important thing in the world to us, and it will take, as long as it has to take.

I am working very hard to think of this situation as water under the bridge.  We really want to have a good working relationship with this women.   I guess only time will tell how it all pans out. 

So at the moment the time frame for our home inspection is up in the air.  I am going to leave it up to her and in the meantime concentrate on work.  With the sun shining everyone is eager to get there excavation work started.  Hopefully the temperature will go up a bit and I can get started cleaning up the gardens also.  There is always something to be done around here to keep me busy.

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  1. hang in ther ehun, your positive attitude will pull you through the bumps....I think the lady was jsut not used to things getting done and back in her lap so quickly, so she panicked and yes, put the blame on you which was not right at all. If she needed more time she should have just said that, I don't think you did anything wrong and you should continue being who you are and having it all ready to go :D