Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Done!!!!

Finally our homestudy is complete!  We have it in our possession and could not be happier to have it finished.  Overall we are pleased with the content and how it is written.  We read over all of it with our practitioner and made any corrections we thought were needed.  She also gave us a copy of all of our clearances and references which is great since I did not have all of them.

As I have mentioned Nic and I are planning on looking for a new practitioner.  Today did not go very well on that front.  I called the first person on our list who came highly recommended.  She is currently not taking on any new clients and won't be until January or so.  I then took a look at the second person on our list and found out she is currently off due to a recent surgery and her next seminar is not until November which has to be completed before we can have an interview.  I did leave a message on her voicemail on the chance we might be able to see her before then.  I then called the third person on the list and have an interview scheduled with her for next week.  This is a start but one out of three is not great since we wanted some options this time around to make sure we were making the right decision. Ugh...

So we have some thinking to do.  We do not necessarily need a practitioner right at this moment since we will just be meeting with agencies and essentially getting the ball rolling.  There is a very good chance there may be a waiting list for the agencies anyway.  We can hold out until November when we can do the seminar required for the one practitioners if we have to.  We are going to sign up now to make sure we have a spot.  We can always cancel later if we need to.

I have also left a message with the lady in charge of adoption at the Picton CAS.  She had told me to give her a call when our homestudy was done.  She will want to meet with us and needs a copy of the homestudy for our file.  I am also going to give her a copy of our profile since it is done as well.  Although I have to go to Belleville first because when I had Staples print it last week they put all the back pages on the wrong way.  I wish I had noticed when I picked them up but I didn't.

It is nice to be doing something productive again.  I will try to keep the blog updated so you know what we are working on.


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