Friday, February 25, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog

I wanted to start this blog for all the reasons above, but every time I sat down to write my first post I was not sure where to start.  As much as I think this will be an excellent way to talk with everyone it makes me a bit uncomfortable.  As you all know, I dislike facebook and this seemed similar to me, although I know it is not.  The more I learn about adoption the more I realize you have to be open about it. So I am considering this therapy and training for the openness that will be required down the road. 

Nic and I have been struggling with decisions about when, how and if to have children for so long I can't recall a time when it was not a big part of our lives.  I still remember clearly camping at Charleston Lake just three short days after our wedding and Nic hinting at a baby.  At the time I remember thinking he was completely crazy.  We were only 24, we had just gotten married, our house was in the middle of a serious renovation. What was he thinking?  At the same time there was a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. It reminded me of how big a part children were in the picture I saw of us in the future. 

Since then we have been traveling down a long, bumpy road trying to start our own biological family.  It has not been easy, but I think we have both grown as individuals and strengthened our relationship. The "growth" periods at times have been ugly, but it made us who we are as a couple, and has brought us to this place in our journey.

Starting the adoption process was by no means an overnight decision for us.  We have been discussing it for the better part of a year and just last month decided to look a bit closer into the process.  There is literally a sea of information out there and to say it was overwhelming at first is a gross understatement. 

After weeks of research we decided to sign up for an adoption seminar put on by the Adoption Council of Ontario "Getting Started in Adoption: A Lifelong Journey".  It was a three hour seminar, held in a room usually used for cooking classes, above a Lablaws in Toronto.  When we first arrived to the plaza we were not sure what to think or expect.  We were surprised to find the room already half full when we walked in.  People continued to flow in and by the time we were ready to get started they had added two extra tables to accommodate everyone.  There were around twenty couples covering every demographic you can think of.  A real demonstration of the melting pot Toronto is.  We were surprised by the turn out and in allot of ways it made us feel less alone.  The seminar was a great experience.  We especially enjoyed hearing about two couples experiences with adoption. 

The seminar solidified that we were ready to do this and that it was time to get started!

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